Below is the Rental Agreement Terms and Conditions for renting the Platt Duetsche Reception Hall.  Upon receiving confirmation of booking of your event from the General Manager, you will be asked to sign a paper copy agreeing to these terms and conditions.  Although we try our best to keep our website current at all times – terms and conditions on the signed paper copy will be considered the most current and accurate.

Rental Agreement Terms and Conditions:

  1. The wedding couple, one set of parent, or one set of grandparents must be members of the Platt Duetsche for the calendar year for member discount.
  2. Membership dues are required to be current to reserve the facility for the date of the event.
  3. Deposit in the amount of $250 is required to reserve the ballroom for the date of the event.
  4. Deposit amount will be credited to the total rental fee.
  5. The remaining amount due for rental must be paid (2) weeks prior to the reception.


  1. Decorating can be done the day prior to your event.  (Should the room be available).
  2. Absolutely no confetti or glitter is to be used for or with decorations.
  3. Bubbles are not allowed becomes they are very damaging to the wood flooring.
  4. Due to the fire regulations, we are not able to allow for any taper candles.
  5. Real flower petals are not allowed, however silk flowers are allowed for table decor.
  6. Balloons are not permitted without prior approval of Platt Duetsche staff.
  7. Absolutely nothing will be hung on walls or from ceilings.
  8. Decorations must be removed from the facility the day of the event.  Any items left after said departure times may be discarded.

Decorations Provided by the Platt Duetsche:

  1. The Platt Duetsche will provide the following decorations for the event:
  • Entry Lights and Trees
  • Ceiling Canopy and Chandelier
  • Lighting under the head table, cake table and guest book tables
  • Backdrop behind the head table
  • Tablecloths
  • Linen table covering with choice of colors – (Black, White)

Cake and Punch Table:

  1. The Platt Duetsche will be responsible for setting up cake table. Table coverings and skirt will be provided.
  2. We request that you do not move tables without permission from a staff member.
  3. You are responsible for providing cake plates, forks, napkins and a cake knife for the cake table.
  4. Lessee must provide two (2) people to serve the cake and punch.
  5. If lessee chooses to have a chocolate fountain, Lessee will then be required to provide a minimum of one (1) person to monitor fountains at all times.  There will be an additional clean-up fee (per fountain) if chocolate fountains are used.
  6. Cake, mints and nuts will be provided by Lessee.  The Lessee will be required to meet with the Platt Duetsche staff 6 to 8 weeks prior to the event to make food, decoration and room arrangements required for the event.


  1. All food except cake, punch, nuts and mints must be purchased from the Platt Duetsche.
  2. Reception quality plastic plates, heavy duty plastic cutlery, napkins and cups will be provided for dinner.


  1. A twenty percent (20%) will be added to all food served.
  2. A fifteen percent (15%) gratuity will be added to all prepaid beverages.

Alcohol Consumption:

  1. All alcohol must be purchased from the Platt Duetsche.
  2. Alcohol found that has been brought into the facility from an outside source, will become the property of the Platte Duetsche.  This will be strictly enforced in order to keep the Platt Duetsche in compliance with the State of Nebraska liquor license.
  3. Bartenders will check ID’s, there will be no exception.  Bartender’s have the right to refuse drinks to anyone.
  4. Lessee is responsible for their guests, however unruly guests will be asked to leave.
  5. If needed, Lessee is required to provide or designate someone to provide a safe ride home for guests.
  6. Leesee will be held responsible for any guests contributing to minor consumption.
  7. Lessee agrees to cooperate with the Platte Duetsche in removing any guests suspected of violating alcohol regulations.  Staff shall use their discretion in cautioning offenders about possible violations of laws and regulations.  If staff members issue a warning or request an offender to leave the premises, it shall be a decision completely within the discretion of the Platt Duetsche and may result in reporting incidents to law enforcement.
  8. Any violation to the above policies can result in immediate eviction from the hall at the discretion of the Platt Duetsche staff and deposit will be forfeited by the Lessee.

General Rules:

  1. Lessee shall meet with a Platt Duetsche staff member no less than six(6) to eight (8) weeks prior to the event to make final preparations for food, beverages, and to discuss decorations to be used.
  2. Lessee has rented a specific area of the Platt Duetsche for your event.  Guest are asked to please use only the designated ballroom for socializing.
  3. If children are in attendance, it’s the Lessee’s responsibility to control their actions.  This will include but not be limited to the following:  No running, No one is allowed on the stage.  No one is permitted outside without an adult.
  4. Lessee shall be responsible for keeping all drinks away from the dance floor.  Additional clean-up fee may be charged to the Lessee for spilled drinks causing damage to the ballroom floor.
  5. No illegal activity will be tolerated.
  6. Smoking is only permitted outside the building.
  7. No one other than the DJ/Band is allowed on the stage, other than wedding party if the main table is on the stage.
  8. Lessee is responsible for hiring their own DJ for the event.
  9. Bartender will be included in fees.
  10. Janitorial service after the event is included in fees.
  11. Security may be required at the discretion of the Platt Duetsche and at the cost of the lessee.